Ska * Punk * Rock from Venezuela


BIGMANDRAKE (ex Sin Sospechas), is one of the pioneering bands of the SKA in Venezuela. In 20 years of uninterrupted independent music have made ​​3 albums, have participated in major collected in Venezuela and abroad and has to his credit 7 international tours taking their music to more than 12 countries and thousands of young people from different nationalities.

Music and important changes have made ​​the band members since its appearance in the Venezuelan SKA scene, including the name change. In this new phase the band proposes new creative challenges with more music and rhythm, while preserving its important position of genuine expression SKA / PUNK / ROCK in Venezuela and the world. Consists of extensive professional musicians in the music scene in Venezuela.

Open to the diversity of influences that fall within the band since its inception, and thanks to the genius of the various musical trends that bombard them, there is the genuine seal SKA Venezuela. Explore the possibilities of merging the SKA / PUNK / ROCK with a wide range of rhythms and sounds of Caribbean Latino identity.

For the band, diversity is what prevails in an orbit where reflection, love, parties and social consciousness fed the lyrics of their songs.

BIGMANDRAKE scene is loaded with power and honesty, making each concert a big collective party which generates a genuine connection between band and audience.



  • Pasajeros del mundo (CD – Caracas 2011)
  • Versus (CD – Caracas 2009)
  • Pin Que Pan (CD – Caracas 2007)
  • Trainskatting (CD – Caracas 2002)
  • Compilations 91 – 97 (Cassette – Caracas 1998)


  • Un Tributo Fabuloso (CD – Argentina 2008) Latin americans bands compilations
  • Resto Pollo Rico 2 (CD – France 2004) Latin americans bands compilations
  • La Bronka Petrolera (Cassette – Spain 1996) Venezuelans bands compilations
  • Venezuela SKA Vol. #1 (CD – Venezuela 1996, México 1997 y Spain 1998)


  • European Tour 2010 (Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, Cz. Republic, Switzerland, Holland, Austerliz, Belgium, France, Italy and Spain)
  • European Tour 2009 (Germany, Cz. Republic, Swizerland, Holland, Austerliz, Slovenia, France and Spain)
  • European Tour 2008 (Germany, Cz. Republic, Switzerland, Holland, Austerliz, Slovenia, France, and Spain)
  • European Tour 2007 (Germany, Cz. Republic, Switzerland, Holland, Poland, France, and Spain)
  • European Tour 2006 (Germany, Cz. Republic, Switzerland, Holland, France, and Spain)
  • European Tour 2005 (Germany, Cz. Republic, Poland, Holland, Bélgium)
  • Spain Tour 2002 (Madrid, Barcelona)
  • Colombian Tour 1999 (Bogotá)EscucharLeer fonéticamente


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